Temporary Exception to PPSM 41 – Vacation Leave

The Office of the President has approved a temporary exception to PPSM 41 – Vacation Leave that grants authority to the Chancellors to establish local procedures to extend the vacation maximum accrual “grace period” from four months to six months in order to facilitate the appropriate use of vacation time during the term of the furlough and salary reduction plan.   

Chancellor Block has approved the attached procedure for UCLA. Based on consultation with Payroll Services, Campus Human Resources will implement the exception on a case-by-case basis under appropriate circumstances. Campus Departments may submit requests for review and approval to Manager Lazetta Smith (Health System Departments should contact Director Maure Gardner). The Temporary Vacation Accrual Exception Request Form in Related Information is provided for use by departments.

Although Campus Human Resources and Health System Human Resources are responsible for compliance with this procedure, departments are responsible for tracking and monitoring the use of vacation accrual during the extension period. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, contact Manager Lazetta Smith in Campus Human Resources at lazetta@chr.ucla.edu or Director Maure Gardner in Health System Human Resources at mgardner@mednet.ucla.edu.

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