Transition of Casual-Restricted Student Titles

As part of the UC Path initiative to standardize procedures across the UC system, the Office of the President Human Resources is requesting that students hired in Casual-Restricted staff appointments (Appointment Type 4) be placed into the Student-Assistant title series rather than staff classifications. This request does not apply to Academic-Student titles.

Starting Fall Quarter 2012, new Casual-Restricted student appointments should be classified into the student series as shown below. Additionally, all continuing student appointments should be classified into these titles by January 2013. The following four titles and title codes are reserved for student casual-restricted employees not paid from work-study funding:

  • Assistant I, title code 4922
  • Assistant II, title code 4921
  • Assistant III, title code 4920
  • Assistant IV, title code 4919

Additionally, Office of the President Human Resources has recently established new title codes for student casual- restricted employees who are paid under work-study funding. These new work-study title codes will be available in the system starting 9/2/2012.

The titles and title codes are as follows:

  • Assistant 1 Work Study, title code 4682
  • Assistant 2 Work Study, title code 4681
  • Assistant 3 Work Study, title code 4680
  • Assistant 4, Work Study, title code 4679

In order to accommodate this transition, new salary ranges have been established. The movement from staff titles to student titles is not intended to result in a salary change for current incumbents. 

The new ranges are outlined below:


Title Code

Payroll Title




4922/4682Assistant I
Assistant 1 – Work Study
4921/4681Assistant II
Assistant 2 – Work Study
$8.25$17.50 $26.50
4920/4680Assistant III
Assistant 3 – Work Study
4919/4679Assistant IV
Assistant 4 – Work Study

Departmental Actions to be Taken for Transition to Student Classifications:

  • Review the guidelines and title codes that are to be transitioned to student classifications. (See Related Information.)
  • New appointments of casual-restricted students beginning Fall Quarter 2012 should be classified in one of the student-title codes.
  • Move existing casual-restricted student appointments to one of the student classifications as well. Departments are encouraged to complete this process by January 2013.
  • If you have casual-restricted students who are working under a federally funded contract or grant, consult Compensation Services before making any changes to their appointment at this time. The office is coordinating reviews of the appropriate titles with the Office of Research Administration and will send further information to you when that review has been completed.
  • Update the new title and code change on the casual-restricted student employee’s record in EDB.

If you have any questions or need assistance in determining the appropriate classification level, contact your Compensation Analyst for assistance. 

Campus Human Resources, Compensation & Policy Services
Phone: (310) 794-0880 | Fax: (310) 794-0875