UCRP Service Credit & CAP Balances Online

A UCRP Postcard will be mailed to about 180,000 active employees and vested inactive employees in several stages between now and the end of September. The purpose of the postcard is to remind staff that they may go online to view their UCRP service credit and CAP balances. (Note: Not all employees will have UCRP and CAP balances.)

The postcard gives instructions for how to go to the "At Your Service" website, "Sign in to My Accounts" and view the balances. Those who need assistance or who do not have computer or Internet access are instructed to call UC Customer Service in Oakland.

At Your Service Online (AYSO) recently launched new features that allow employees to see their current UCRP and/or CAP balances, as well as annual statements dating back to the year 2000. Users may now select a year (2000-2008) to view and print account details by month, including interest accruals and running balances.

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