Wage Increases for CUE-Teamsters

Pursuant to the agreement between the University of California and the CUE-Teamsters bargaining unit, UCLA will be implementing the following salary actions for Clerical Unit (CX) employees effective February 1, 2012, for monthly paid employees and February 5, 2012, for biweekly paid employees.

3% Range Adjustment

  • All CX salary ranges will be increased by 3%. As a result of this rate change, all eligible unit employees will receive a 3% increase.
  • Eligible employees are all members of the bargaining unit on active status or on an approved leave on the effective date of the increase and who remain on payroll when the payment is calculated.
  • Adjustments to RES (Reserve) appointments must be done at the department level.
  • New rates reflecting the 3% range adjustment will be reflected in EDB on January 25, 2012.
  • Range adjustments will be processed centrally by CHR Compensation.

Step Increase

  • All non-probationary career employees will receive a 1 step increase.
  • Eligible employees must have an overall performance evaluation rating of satisfactory or better or deemed to be satisfactory.
  • Step increases will be processed centrally by CHR Compensation. If the employee is ineligible for the step increase due to performance, notify CHR Compensation Consultants; Kathleen Ramos or Lucie Dean by February 7, 2012. 

Lump Sum Payment

  • In lieu of retroactivity for the period between July 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012, a lump sum payment of 3% of actual earnings will be paid in one installment. This increase is non-base building and retirement eligible.
  • Eligible employees must be on payroll status on the date of ratification and also on the date of payout.
  • The date of payout for the lump sum payment is pending per the Office of the President and you will be notified once a date is finalized.

Increase to Minimum Rate

  • Classifications where the current minimum rate is below $13.70/hr. will be increased to $13.70/hr. effective April 1, 2012.

Contributions to UCRP

  • Missed contributions to the university retirement plan will be deducted from the lump sum payment referenced above.

New rates reflecting the step increase for biweekly paid employees will be reflected on the February 29, 2012, paycheck for which IPAY screens can be reviewed on February 24, 2012. New rates reflecting the step increase for monthly paid employees will be reflected on the March 1, 2012, paycheck for which IPAY screens can be reviewed on February 27, 2012.


EDB Freeze

Please withhold processing any changes to employees receiving the step increase from January 25, 2012 thru February 13, 2012. During this period, any changes made in EDB for employees included in this process will disrupt the employee’s increase.  If this occurs, EDB preparers must manually process the step increase.

Contact Campus Human Resources Compensation at 310-794-0890 or your Compensation Consultant with questions regarding these upcoming wage changes. Questions regarding EDB should be directed to Campus Personnel Services at 310-794-3147

Campus Human Resources, Compensation Services
Phone: (310) 794-0880 | Fax: (310) 794-0875