Special Complaint Resolution Policy

A Special Complaint Resolution Policy for complaints regarding certain decisions affecting bonus and incentive payments (exception to Staff Policy 70 and Staff Policy II-70) is now under review. The policy can be accessed in Related Information.

This Policy is being implemented as an exception to Staff Policy 70, Complaint Resolution and Staff Policy 11-70, Complaint Resolution to provide a complaint resolution process for complaints regarding decisions affecting certain bonus and incentive payments that stem from the Proposal to Freeze Senior Management Group Salaries and Suspend Bonus and Certain Other Variable Pay Plans (Item C1) approved by the Regents at the January 2009 Special Meeting and any amendments thereto, including, but not limited to, the amendments approved by the Regents on March 19, 2009 (Section 6 of the C Report).

To ensure that such complaints are resolved with system-wide consistency, this Special Policy calls for complaints to be submitted to the Office of the Vice President of Human Resources and allows for an evidentiary hearing to be conducted by an independent, non-University fact finder.

This Policy will be reassessed after complaints regarding bonus and/or incentive payments covering performance during the 2007-08 fiscal year have been processed, and the policy may be amended for subsequent fiscal years.

As this is a formal review, employees are encouraged to comment by September 8, 2009. For the campus, employees may send comments or questions via email to Manager Lazetta Smith ([email protected]) or for the Health System, to Director Maure Gardner ([email protected]).

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