Important DOS Code Information

The following Description of Service (DOS) codes should be used for voluntary and involuntary termination payments and should only be used in consultation with Campus Human Resources, Employee Relations. 

The codes are as follows:




VTL Voluntary Termination – Lump SumSettlement payments
VTR Voluntary Termination – Regular PayPay in monthly increments
VTS Voluntary Termination – SeveranceBy agreement payments
ITLInvoluntary Termination – Lump SumSettlement payments
ITR Involuntary Termination – Regular PayPay in monthly increments
ITS Involuntary Termination - SeveranceBy agreement payments; for example, one month pay for each year worked
ITPPay in lieu of noticeRegular pay in lieu of notice


Some examples of benefits upon involuntary termination may include: severance pay, cash payouts (lump sum or monthly increments), career counseling, job placement services, etc. 

Examples of both voluntary and involuntary DOS codes usage include:

Voluntary Terminations (Separations)

Example 1: Employee B, by mutual agreement, is given three months of salary, and $20,000 as severance pay. 

  • The three months of salary should be recorded with the DOS code of VTR
  • The lump sum of $20,000 should be recorded with the DOS code of VTS

Example 2: Employee D, by mutual agreement and prescribed in a settlement agreement, agrees to resign after the end of a 7 ½ months paid administrative leave. In addition the employee receives a lump sum amount $5,000 to assist with outplacement services.

  • The 7 ½ months paid administrative leave should be recorded with the DOS code VTR
  • The $5000 lump sum should be recorded with the DOS code VTL

Involuntary Terminations

Example 3: Employee E, is notified on January 1, 2006, of layoff due to lack of funds effective March 1, 2006, (60 days notice based on past practice). The employee elects severance pay in lieu of preference and recall rights and receives a lump sum payment.

  • The severance lump sum payment should be coded with the DOS code ITS

Example 4: Employee G is terminated by the University. The employee challenges the termination and the University settles by paying the employee back pay for two months and a lump sum of $1000.

  • The two months of pay should be coded with the DOS code ITR
  • The lump sum should be coded as ITL


DOS Codes No Longer Available for Use

  • The DOS codes SEV is obsolete and can no longer be used to make payments.
  • The DOS Codes BYF, BYA, and BYU should no longer be used to pay either Voluntary or Involuntary Termination payments as described above.

If you have any questions about voluntary or involuntary termination issues, please call your Employee Relations Consultant. Questions regarding EDB processing please call Policy & Personnel Services at extension 43147. 

1 All payments must be made in accordance with policies described in University of California Accounting Manual Chapters - Payroll: Settlement Payments, P-196-176 and Payroll: Termination Benefits, P-196-80.

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