Interim Guidelines for Staff Achievement Awards for Policy-Covered Staff (FY 2010-11)

For the remaining months of the 2010-11 Fiscal Year, on an interim basis, organizations may implement Staff Achievement Awards for policy-covered staff in the form of “local awards,” if department budgetary resources are available for this purpose. It is critical that documented performance be the basis for such awards, utilizing criteria consistent with former Staff Achievement Award guidelines. Performance appraisals need to be conducted each year, as set forth in Personnel Policy for Staff Members (PPSM) 23.

Staff Achievement Award eligibility requirements for FY 2010-11 include the following conditions, as described in the guidelines:  

  • Policy-covered staff in non-probationary positions with salaries not to exceed $150,000 including staff hired on an employment contract where eligibility is incorporated into the terms of the contract. (Senior Management Group members are not eligible.)
  • Awards are in the form of a lump sum and may not exceed 10% of an employee’s base salary or a maximum of $10,000, whichever is less. (Use the LEA DOS Code when processing awards.)
  • New hires must be on pay status for at least six months to be eligible to receive an award.
  • All awards require specific documentation of performance and achievements that are the basis for the award. Only those employees who have achieved a performance rating of “meets expectations” or better, are eligible to receive an award. Departments may apply more specific performance criteria. Utilize the CHR Award Nomination Form in Related Information.

In October 2011, a report listing the awards approved by each department, along with relevant documentation, must be sent to Campus Human Resources.

Questions regarding the Staff Achievement Awards should be directed to Elaine Peters at [email protected] or Lazetta Smith at [email protected].  

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