Manager Self-Selection in UC Learning Center


Re: Manager Self-Selection in CHR's UC Learning Center

Last March Campus Human Resources (CHR) rolled out the new UC Learning Center. It now handles enrollments for training classes delivered by CHR units and our training partners; and it also administers all required online compliance training (e.g., Sexual Harassment Prevention, Ethics, and Conflict of Interest).

Active employees' profile information is uploaded daily to a learning management system (LMS) from UCLA's Personnel Payroll System (PPS), along with email addresses that departments have entered in the Directory Database. However, these systems do not capture the linkage between managers and their direct reports.  As a result, another step is needed to establish that relationship in the LMS.

Please ensure that all your direct reports log onto the UC Learning Center as soon as possible using their UCLA Logon ID and select you as their manager. Instructions and an animated demo can be found in Related Information.

After a manager's direct reports select them as their manager in the LMS, a "manager" tab will appear; and the manager will receive notifications of their training enrollments.

Additionally, managers gain the ability to register others for courses, cancel registrations, view others' assigned training, view direct reports' profiles and training transcripts, and view compliance training exception reports in the LMS.

If you have any questions, please contact for additional assistance.


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