Maximum Annual Contribution Limits for 403(b) & 457(b)

The Maximum Annual Contribution Limits for 403(b) and 457(b) Plans for 2008 have been announced, and there will be no change from the current limits of $15,500, or $20,500 for those who have reached age 50 as of December 31, 2008.

The UC Retirement Savings Program offers a convenient, tax-advantaged way to save for retirement. The program consists of the following:

  • Defined Contribution Plan, which consists of the Pretax Account for mandatory contributions, the After-Tax Account for voluntary contributions and the taxable portion of rollovers from other employer plans
  • Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plan
  • 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

While UC is the administrator of the Retirement Savings Program, Fidelity Investments Tax-Exempt Services Company (FITSCo) provides recordkeeping and account services for the program. For questions about the following topics, call FITSCo or go to Related Information:

  • Account Information
  • Beneficiaries
  • Changing or Canceling Contributions
  • Distributions
  • Enrolling
  • 403(b) loans
  • Performance Information
  • Rollovers
  • Transferring Funds

If you have any other questions, contact the person in your department who handles benefits/personnel issues or call Campus Human Resources, Benefit Services or Healthcare Human Resources.

Campus Human Resources, Benefits Services
Phone: (310) 794-0830 | Fax: (310) 794-0835

UCLA Healthcare Human Resources
Phone: (310) 794-0500 | Fax: (310) 794-0620