New Administrative Stipend DOS Code

As part of an ongoing campuswide review, UCOP has created a new Administrative Stipend DOS code for Staff. Currently the DOS code STP is used for both Staff and Academic employees. The new Staff Administrative Stipend (SAS) will replace the Stipend (STP) code for non-academic appointments. For Academic appointments, EDB Preparers will continue to use the STP code when entering academic stipends in EDB.

Effective immediately, please advise EDB Preparers to use the new staff code (SAS) when processing staff administrative stipends. Central programming will be used to process an update in EDB changing staff stipend distributions from STP to SAS. The change will be reflected in EDB on November 27, 2007.

Staff stipends should be processed as separate appointments in EDB using one of the following title codes as appropriate:

Professional & Support Staff (PSS)

  • Exempt Administrative Stipend         Title Code 9899
  • Non-exempt Administrative Stipend   Title Code 9898

Management & Professional Staff (MSP)

  • Management Administrative Stipend  Title Code 0496

Senior Management Group (SMG)*

  • Executive Stipend                          Title Code 0196

*Consult with Campus Human Resources for use of the SMG title code, which is limited to individuals in the Senior Management Program and requires special approval. For individuals serving in acting SMG roles, stipends should be recorded in conjunction with their regular MSP or Academic appointment. 

If you have any questions regarding these changes, contact Lazetta Smith in Policy and Personnel Services.

Campus Human Resources, Personnel Services
Phone: (310) 794-3147 | Fax: (310) 794-0865