Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Reminder

UCLA supervisors, managers and faculty who are required to complete Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP) Training during the 2007 training cycle must do so before the final deadline of June 30, 2008. After this date, the online course will no longer be available. UCLA is striving for full compliance at the University prior to the new deadline and appreciates your support in fulfilling this important training requirement.

Training for new supervisors and faculty or anyone whose re-training date occurs in 2008 is being deferred until the fall of 2008 when the UCOP Compliance Office expects to have completed development of a new approach to compliance overall.

In the meantime, it is encouraged that all organizational leaders review their compliance reports to ensure that everyone identified in their respective areas as “overdue” has completed the training requirement prior to the close of the SHP online course on June 30, 2008. Director Robert Gibson is available for coordination with your local human resource manager. Contact Title IX Officer Pamela Thomason if you are interested in completing the requirement by an in-person course in lieu of the online training.


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