Staff Achievement Award Program Guidelines FY 2008-2009


Re: FY 2008-2009 Staff Achievement Award Program Guidelines—“Local Awards” for Policy-Covered Employees

Guidelines for the 2008-2009 Staff Achievement Award Program reflecting limitations approved by the UC Board of Regents in January 2009 are now available in Related Information. See Attachment A Section II and III for descriptions of changes in eligibility and limits on award amounts. Similar guidelines will apply in 2009-2010. Attachment B provides an updated Award Form, along with tax information related to development awards. 

Additionally, please note the following changes that have been communicated to the Human Resources Advisory Group and Chief Administrative Officers:

  • The payroll assessment of .89% will be discontinued with April earnings (i.e. as of May 1, 2009) with the exception of specific bargaining units that provide award eligibility. Remaining balances for all fund groups except Federal will be returned to organizations and may be used for “Local Awards” funded at the department level or for budgetary savings. 
  • Note the special provisions and timelines applicable to awards paid from Federal contracts and grants. To use existing balances, these awards may be processed through the Personnel/Payroll System using the DOS code SRD until May 29, 2009. After May 29, 2009, any remaining current year assessments will be returned to open federal awards to be used for local award programs or budgetary savings.

Your designated Human Resource Advisory Group member will be able to assist your organization with the implementation of these guidelines. If there are further questions, please contact Paula Farrington at (310) 825-1887 for payroll issues or Lazetta Smith at (310) 794-0877 for award implementation issues.


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