START Ends December 2010

The Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START), a program that allows faculty and staff to voluntarily reduce work hours in exchange for a corresponding pay reduction, will end December 31, 2010.

START was enacted in 2003 as a temporary measure to help the University cope with budget shortfalls.

Eligible faculty and staff who chose to participate were allowed to reduce their hours up to 50 percent, while maintaining pre-START accruals for vacation, sick leave and retirement benefits.

The UC Regents extended the initial program to mitigate the impact of additional budget cuts. In 2009 alone, UC achieved salary savings of roughly $16 million through employee participation in START.

The temporary program is scheduled to end on December 31, and UC administration will not recommend another extension. For more about the START program, go to the At Your Service website in Related Information. 


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