StayWell Now Available

The University of California (UC) has launched the new StayWell benefits program as part of the expanded UC Living Well program. Eligible faculty and staff and their family members covered by most UC medical plans (Blue Cross Plus and PPO, CIGNA Choice Fund, Core and Health Net) can enjoy enhanced wellness and personal health-management benefits through participation in StayWell.

Participation in StayWell is voluntary and at no cost to faculty or staff

UC Living Well is the University’s umbrella wellness initiative for faculty and staff that expands systemwide in 2008 after a successful 2007 pilot phase at Berkeley, Office of the President, UCLA and UCLA Medical Center. Along with links to varied wellness resources and information, the UC Living Well website gives information about the many UC local campus, medical center, and laboratory wellness programs and recreational and sports facilities and activities.

StayWell supports individual wellness efforts

As part of UC Living Well and the wellness efforts provided at UCLA, StayWell offers improved, standardized wellness and individual health-management resources at no charge, and participation is voluntary. The program is designed to help eligible employees and their family members achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Online health resources and tools

StayWell benefits and resources include a health assessment (with $75 incentive), information centers on a variety of health topics, drug and nutrition guides, and special tools to help those who wish to engage in personalized health improvement programs. Personal wellness coaching will be offered to those who have health risks and are ready to change—participation is completely voluntary.

Those who complete a health assessment will receive a $75 gift certificate that may be redeemed at a wide variety of recognized retailers, including the UC Recreational Sports Facilities. This gift certificate is available not only to employees, but also to enrolled family members age 18 and older who complete a health assessment.

Important information about participation

StayWell is not available to Kaiser members who currently have access to Kaiser’s fully integrated wellness resources. In addition, the leadership of several unions at UC have notified the University that they are choosing not to participate in the StayWell Health Management benefits program on behalf of their UC bargaining unit members.*

Check out the StayWell Health Management website and get started on a healthier new you in 2008.

*AFSCME 3299 on behalf of SX (Service Unit), EX (Patient Care Technical), and K7 (Skilled Crafts at UC Santa Cruz); CNA on behalf of NX (Nurse Unit); CUE on behalf of CX (Clerical Unit); SETC on behalf of K6 and K4 Skilled Trades at San Diego and Los Angeles; UAW 2863 on behalf of BX (Academic Student Employees Unit); UC-AFT on behalf of IX (Non-Academic Senate Instructional Unit) and LX (Professional Librarians Unit); and UPTE-CWA on behalf of RX (Research Support Professionals Unit), TX (Technical Unit) and HX (Health Care Professionals Unit).


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