Technical Revision to UC Policy on Sexual Harassment

The Office of the President has released the revised University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment. The policy reflects a technical revision that deletes “counselors” from the list of University employees designated responsible for reporting sexual harassment.

This change was made because the inclusion of counselors would conflict with a provision in the Sexual Harassment Procedures indicating that licensed counselors are confidential resources with whom employees may consult and that such consultations will not result in reports of sexual harassment, absent additional action by the employee. (For specific language, refer to the Policy, Section D, “Dissemination of the Policy, Educational Programs, and Employee Training.” In the Procedures, refer to Section F, “Confidentiality of Reports of Sexual Harassment.”)

The revised policy is effective February 10, 2006, and supersedes the December 14, 2004, version.

For questions concerning sexual harassment, contact Campus Human Resources, Staff Affirmative Action Office. Queries pertaining to University policy, contact Campus Human Resources, Policy & Personnel Services.



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