TIE-INS Applications for 2011-12

Applications for the 2011-12 TIE-INS Program are being accepted through March 31, 2011. Now in its third year, as an initiative developed at the Chancellor’s behest by the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSE&IS), the program enables children of UCLA employees to attend four public schools close to campus: Nora Sterry Elementary School, Brockton Avenue School (an elementary school), Emerson Middle School, and University High School.

The 2011-12 application is available in Related Information. All UCLA academic appointees and career (non-probationary) staff at any classification level are eligible to apply to participate in the program. For employees who need access to a computer or the Internet to complete an application, computers are available at Center X in GSE&IS, as well as in Housing & Hospitality Services, General Services, or Campus Human Resources, Suite 200, Wilshire Center. Applications are due by March 31, 2011.

Although Emerson Middle School and University High School will be able to accept all applicants, Nora Sterry Elementary School and Brockton Avenue School may have limited space at some grade levels. Preference will be given to kindergartners and first-graders (and their elementary school-aged siblings), and priorities will be established by Deans and Vice Chancellors for their organizations.

The TIE-INS program will be of particular importance to UCLA employees interested in having their children attend nearby schools. For more information, we encourage you to participate in one of the onsite tours and information sessions being offered by the four participating schools (details on the TIE-INS website in Related Information). In addition, UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies will host a get-together in March for faculty and staff currently participating in TIE-INS to meet with parents who are considering the program. For complete details about the March event and all TIE-INS activities, please visit the website.

If you have any questions about this process or the online application, contact Nataly Birch at birch@gseis.ucla.edu.