U.S. Savings Bond Program Available on TreasuryDirect

UC will no longer offer participation in the U.S. Savings Bond Program, effective with June earnings, because of new file transmission and banking requirements announced by the Federal Reserve Bank. These new requirements make it impractical for the University to maintain a payroll-deduction option for the small number of employees who participate in the program.

However, employees may choose to use TreasuryDirect, an online web-based system that allows them to establish accounts to purchase, hold and conduct transactions in U.S. Treasury securities, including Series EE and I bonds. Employees would authorize payments for bond purchases from their personal checking or savings account. In the near future, the Treasury plans to expand this option by offering other securities for sale, such as Treasury bills and notes. The website for TreasuryDirect is in Related Information.

If you need additional information regarding the U.S. Savings Bond Program, please contact your Benefits Office.


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