UC-CUE Agreement - What You Need to Know

The University and the Coalition of University Employees (CUE) reached an agreement on December 4, 2009, to mitigate the impact of the budget shortfall on clerical unit staff.  

  • The agreement covers all CX employees unless they have been otherwise exempted from participation, such as, for example, those paid fully on extramural contract and grant funds and those participating in the Staff & Academic Reduction in Time Program (START), as noted below.
  • Employees covered by the UC-CUE agreement will have their salaries reduced by an equal amount in each pay period for 12 months and will receive paid days off (“Days of Temporary Layoff”) in accordance with the chart below:


Annual Full Time Salary Amount a/o January 2009

Days of Temporary Layoff
(# of Paid Days Off)

Corresponding Percentage Reduction in Salary

$40,000 and below



$40,001 — $50,000



$50,001 and above




  • Employees will have their salaries reduced by an equal amount in each pay period for a 12-month period commencing with February 2010 earnings (paid March 1, 2010 or first bi-weekly pay period thereafter) unless they affirmatively opt to take the full salary reductions only during those months in which they are or will be scheduled for temporary layoff days. The opt-out decision must be submitted in writing to the supervisor no later than December 18, 2009
  • Employees who have their salaries reduced by an equal amount in each pay period will:
  • retain their vacation and sick leave accruals
  • be considered to be on pay status on the temporary layoff days.
  • Employees who opt to take the full salary reductions only in the months in which they take temporary layoff days will:
  • not be considered to be on pay status on the days of temporary layoff
  • not accrue sick leave and vacation for the time off.
  • Part-time employees and employees only paid partially on contract and grant funds will have their salaries reduced proportionately.
  • Employees participating in START during fiscal year 2009-2010 are not covered by this agreement unless they terminate the START program before completing 12 months in START or unless their participation in START is for a smaller percentage of time than the salary reduction under this agreement. Employees who terminate START before the end of the 12 months may be subject to this agreement if the total reduction of the employee’s salary under START does not meet the amount by which the employee’s salary would have been reduced under this agreement.
  • Clerical employees will have their time off recorded in ¼ hour increments.
  • In order to minimize disruption to University operations and avoid additional lost days of pay, the temporary layoff days shall be scheduled to coincide with campus and departmental closure periods unless management requires the employee to work on those days.
  • Employees who take their temporary layoff days during closure periods are eligible to receive holiday pay as are employees who use vacation, compensatory time off, or leave without pay during the closure period.   
  • The Agreement between UC and CUE serves as general notice covering the December holiday closure period. Please inform Labor Relations Consultant Danny Gray, Campus Human Resources (at dgray@chr.ucla.edu) if any of your CUE employees will be on temporary layoff during the December 2009 closure period so that he can pass the information on to CUE. 
  • Employees may opt to have their temporary layoff days on non-closure days. Employees must make this request to their supervisor no later than December 18, 2009. Employees taking this option must use accrued vacation (including up to six days of advanced vacation if needed), accrued compensatory time off (CTO) or leave without pay, in any combination, to cover the closure period.
  • Employees required to work during the closure period will schedule their temporary layoff days at other times in accordance with department practices for scheduling vacation leave.
  • Employees who have temporary layoff days in excess of the closure days will schedule their days in accordance with department practices for scheduling vacation leave.
  • Unlike vacation days, all temporary layoff days must be used before December 31, 2010 or they will expire.
  • Notices of temporary layoff given prior to December 4, 2009 to clerical employees covered by this agreement must be rescinded in writing so that employees may exercise the available options. 
  • In doing performance evaluations, supervisors are to take into account that employees will have less time to perform their job duties than they did under pre-temporary layoff schedules.
  • The work of clerical employees participating in this program should not be assigned to non-bargaining unit employees.

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