UC Living Well Makes Wellness a Priority

The University of California is launching “UC Living Well…Making Wellness a Priority,” building on pilot programs at UCLA (campus and Medical Center), UC Berkeley, and the Office of the President. The UC program connects location-specific wellness resources and activities with wellness services from medical plans participating in the pilot, including Blue Cross of California, Health Net, and PacifiCare. Other UC health providers may offer wellness programs and services as well.

Wellness is a way of living—eating a healthful diet, being physically active and managing your well-being every day. Through UC Living Well, the University is committed to supporting employee wellness efforts by making it easier for faculty and staff to learn about and use the many resources available to them. Putting a priority on wellness will help build a healthier UC workforce—a benefit for everyone.

Get started on a healthier you by taking a Health Risk Assessment

At the pilot locations, a focused communications campaign will keep staff members informed about UC Living Well initiatives throughout the year. The first wellness initiative is to encourage employees to take a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) through their medical plans and then use the personalized report they receive to point them to other wellness activities. The HRA is a short online questionnaire that will provide employees with a personalized profile of their health status that they can share with their doctor. UC will not have access to the results of the HRAs.

Accessed through your medical plan’s website, the HRA questionnaire is fast, free and confidential. Some medical plans offer incentives for completing one. Most importantly, you can use your personalized HRA report to help determine the next wellness steps you can take.

UC Living Well website is a helpful resource

The UC Living Well website puts practical health-related information right at your fingertips. You will find links to your medical plan, its HRA and wellness services, and what is available on UCLA’s campus. You’ll want to visit the site often, as it will be updated with articles, tips, resources and activities that will support your commitment to wellness. Also visit the UCLA Hospital System Wellness website, which features wellness activities on campus, special health-related events and other information on similar topics. See Related Information to get to the site.

UCLA offers a variety of wellness activities

Whether you want to improve your health, keep fit, control your weight, quit smoking or learn how to manage stress, UCLA has a number of wellness resources you can take advantage of right here on campus. Many of the services are free to faculty and staff and are scheduled during the workday so you can more easily fit them into your busy schedule. For an overview of some of UCLA’s wellness resources such as BruinWalkers, Fit Squad, Yoga Classes, “Freedom from Smoking” Program, Stress-Management Screenings, as well as information about UCLA Recreation activities, see Related Information.

Promote the message on campus

To help communicate the UC Living Well campaign, UCOP, in coordination with the pilot campuses, developed a number of marketing pieces that are informative including three colorful posters, a flyer, a fact sheet and a list of health-related monthly themes. The posters and flyer are ideal for employee break rooms, lunch areas or other places staff frequently visit. Use the fact sheet to get a better understanding of UC Living Well so the key messages of the program can be easily communicated to staff and faculty.

Make your health a priority

Participating in wellness programs and services helps enhance your personal health and well-being, while fostering a positive approach to health and wellness in your family. With the help of UC Living Well, tapping into wellness-related resources that fit your lifestyle is easier than ever. Visit the UC Living Well website, complete an HRA, check out the wellness programs and services available on UCLA’s campus and through your medical plan, and make wellness a personal priority in 2007 and beyond!

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