UC Senior Leadership Forum to Focus on Talent Development and Succession Planning

Succession planning. President Dynes has called it “the University’s most important campaign in recent years” and he’ll be focusing on this pressing issue at the UC Senior Leadership Forum in Irvine on March 19-20. Nearly 200 senior managers and faculty from across the University, including 24 participants from UCLA, will join President Dynes at the Forum to launch an institution-wide strategic program aimed at planning for the future and developing internal talent for the next generation of UC leaders.

Within five years, it is forecast that UC will experience a 300% increase in the retirement of senior UC leaders. Coupled with industry trends that support a nationwide job-vacancy rate of nearly 10 million by the year 2010, the need to formulate an innovative workforce-planning approach is imperative.

The Forum is designed to lay the groundwork for involving the entire UC community in an effort to identify, grow and sustain leadership talent at all levels across the University. To help do that, presenters and panelists at the Forum will discuss talent development, succession planning, diversity, leadership-search strategies and best practices.

Updates on UC’s Leadership Talent Development and Succession Planning Initiative, as well as best practices, activities, programs and resources at UC locations, including UCLA, will be available soon on the Office of the President’s website.

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