Management Training Workshops

Campus Human Resources (CHR) Management Training Workshops are designed to enhance leadership skills.

The following chart provides information on the workshops and what you can expect from each of the classes.




Leading High Performance TeamsTeam leaders obtain the tools and skills to perform three primary responsibilities that support their team’s growth — diagnose, coach and reinforce.
Coaching for ImprovementThis course helps leaders conduct effective improvement discussions and provide feedback and ongoing support needed to improve performance.
Recognizing and Resolving Workplace Conflict - NEWThis course teaches leaders how to recognize that a conflict is escalating and minimize damage by using the most appropriate resolution tactic.
Leading ChangeThis course focuses on leaders’ crucial role in initiating change in the workplace.
Employee EngagementThis course is designed to help leaders understand what employee engagement is and create a motivating work environment that positively impacts bottom-line results.
Developing OthersThis course provides leaders, coaches, and mentors with a practical process and skills necessary to develop talent.
Creativity and InnovationThis course helps leaders leverage creative and analytical skills in order to help organizations identify and implement new approaches to problems and opportunities. 
Adaptive Leadership - NEWIn this course, leaders learn to enhance the effectiveness of their interactions by adapting their approach to people based on what they want to discuss and how they think people will respond.
Strategic FocusThis course is designed to help leaders formulate, implement, and evaluate sound strategic plans to achieve long-term organizational objectives.
Influential LeadershipThis course helps leaders get their good ideas heard, accepted and enacted.

You may enroll in the workshops online via the UC Learning Center in Related Information or search in the Management Development category. Be sure to select the appropriate quarter the class is offered. Affordable workshop fees vary depending on location and the use of externally purchased course materials.

We encourage you to join the talent pool participating in these development opportunities. You may contact Rejeana Mathis ([email protected])  for program information or Marisa McCarthy ([email protected]) for enrollment assistance. 

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