Emergency-Related Support Services for UCLA Employees

Hurricane Katrina may have devastated the Gulf Coast region, but its aftermath has impacted the entire country. For UCLA employees who may have been affected by the recent catastrophe, there are numerous University emergency-related support services available to assist you during these difficult times.

If you have been adversely affected by the hurricane and need assistance, consider the following options:

  • Administrative leave with pay may be requested during natural disasters or other emergencies.
  • The UCLA Staff & Faculty Counseling Center provides professional counseling services to help employees and their families cope with a traumatic event.
  • 403(b) Plan Hardship Withdrawals and Loans provide options for employees in need of financial assistance.

For more information about the University’s emergency-related resources for employees and how to utilize these important services in time of need, see the related links on the right or contact your department’s HR administrator and/or Policy and Personnel Services in Campus Human Resources or Healthcare Human Resources.

For UCLA campus employees who would like to volunteer to aid hurricane victims, the Office of the President has issued supplemental guidance on emergency response to Hurricane Katrina. In order to ensure consistency with systemwide guidance, a UCLA Program Coordinator has been assigned to handle employees’ requests. Policy and Personnel Services Director Hilu Bloch (and Coordinator Lazetta Smith in her absence) is UCLA’s Program Coordinator. In accordance with the guidelines, employees must coordinate any request for time off with their Department Head and the UCLA Program Coordinator.

Campus Human Resources, Policy & Personnel Services
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UCLA Healthcare Human Resources
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