2014 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Roll Out

Every two years, employees who supervise even one employee must complete an AB1825 mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention training. Participants include designated supervisors, faculty and those MSP and higher-level classifications across the UC system.

UCOP, in conjunction with systemwide Title IX Officers and Training Directors, develops a new training session every two years to expose those repeating the requirement to a different eCourse when their former completion “expires.” The cycle is beginning across UC, with a rollout of a new eCourse scheduled for April 1, 2014, for campuses on a quarter academic calendar.
Supervisors who are in progress on the current Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP) course have been notified via the UC Learning Center. They must complete the course within 30 days or they will lose the progress they have already made on it.
The current SHP course will be retired before the new one is launched. Required participants who fall into the SHP audience between the week of February 18, 2014, and the rollout on April 1, 2014, will be assigned the new course.
Individuals who are currently overdue or whose certification has “expired” (two years since their last completion) will be given a new assignment when the course debuts the first week of April. This is the same practice as the prior rollout.

For those in progress with the existing SHP training who have not completed the course, details about logging into the system are available in Related Information.
If you have questions about accessing the UC Learning Center, our LMS Administrator, Jewel Powell, may be reached at jewelpowell@chr.ucla.edu


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