Ethics Briefing FAQs

Q: I lost my link or I didn't get a link. How do I get the link?
A: If you lost your link or didn't get an email message, go to This link permits someone registered for an online course with Workplace Answers (WPA) to enter their Employee ID and Last Name to obtain their password. This will be helpful for anyone who lost or deleted their email invitation, as well as an employee who didn't receive the invitation because no official email address was on file with the University of California Office of the President.
Q: I know a UCLA employee who didn't receive the email about the briefing. What should they do?
A: They can log in by going to They will need to enter their employee ID and last name to log in.
Q: How will department heads know if their employees have completed the briefing?
A: Each vice chancellor, dean and organizational leader's office will receive periodic reports listing employees who have completed the briefing, starting around the last week in April. These reports will also break down information by department.
Q: Why do I have to do this?
A: The UC Regents and UC President Robert Dynes have required wide dissemination of this briefing to familiarize all UC employees with the Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct, which the Regents adopted in May 2005. The goal is to create a shared understanding of these principles and standards throughout the UC system and to promote dialogue about ethical behaviors and decision-making. Campuses are accountable to their chancellors, President Dynes and the Regents for full participation in the briefing. Making an institution-wide commitment to this program is one way to demonstrate to the citizens of California that we take seriously our role as stewards of the public trust.
Q: When do I have to complete the Ethics Briefing?
A: The University of California Office of the President asks that all employees complete the briefing within two months of the rollout. At UCLA, the rollout began April 9, 2007, so you are asked to complete the briefing by June 9, 2007.
Q: I have already taken other ethics training. Do I have to do this as well?
A: Any prior required training you may have received was developed to deal with issues specific to a departmental requirement or to a state or federal regulatory agency. The UC Ethics Briefing is designed for a different audience—UC employees—and is not interchangeable with any other ethics training.
Q: Why do I have to take this briefing and others on campus do not?
A: All UC employees must complete the briefing. An employee is defined as someone who receives compensation through the campus payroll system. Some individuals on campus, such as graduate students and some postdoctoral scholars, are compensated in ways that do not fit within the definition as it applies to this program.
Q: How long does it take to complete the briefing?
A: The briefing is designed to take about 30 minutes. Individual experiences may vary. The program will allow you to save and re-enter the briefing module at a later time.
Q: If I only have time to do part of it, can I complete it later?
A: Yes, you can complete the online briefing later. The online briefing remembers where you left off, so you will return to the uncompleted portion of the online briefing.
Q: Can this be taken as an in-person program?
A: It is recommended that the briefing be completed online. However, in-person briefing sessions for employees without computer access will be coordinated through departmental HR representatives in early May.
Q: Will a version be available in Spanish?
A: Yes. Select an English or Spanish version when you log in. For the two English videos in the briefing, Spanish transcripts are available.
Q: Is the program ADA compliant?
A: Yes. The program is text-based. There are two videos in the briefing, and links to transcripts of the videos are provided.
Q: How do I print my certificate?
A: After you complete your training session, you can click a link to receive your certificate. The link opens a new browser window, allowing you to print the certificate. We recommend that a copy of completion certificates be placed in employees' personnel files.
Q: Do I need to keep my certificate?
A: The official record of your course completion is kept in the training database. The certificate is for you to keep. We recommend that a copy of completion certificates be placed in employees' personnel files.
Q: I lost my certificate. How can I replace it?
A: Log into your training session with either your personalized email training link or through After you log in, click the link related to receiving your certificate of achievement.
Q: Does my score matter or does anyone know how I did?
A: The ethics briefing is designed to raise your awareness about the UC values and standards. Your score is not tracked. The system tracks only whether you have completed the online briefing and the amount of time taken to complete it. The average time to take the online briefing is 32 minutes.
Q: To whom should I send my comments about this program?
A: Please send your comments about this program to Robert Gibson, Director, CHR Training and Development, at He is serving as UCLA’s “Location Administrator” for coordination of course delivery and data management.