Information on Transition Assistance Programs & Bi-weekly Pay Cycle Standardization

To minimize any financial hardships that staff members may incur during the transition, UCLA is offering two Transition Assistance Programs which can be utilized by those employees who are included in the bi-weekly pay cycle transition: an interest-free loan program with a maximum of $1,000 and the opportunity to receive cash out of their accrued vacation leave up to 80 hours. Employees have the option of participating in either one or a combination of the two programs.

The request period for transition assistance will begin March 1, 2012, and close July 6, 2012. Employees will need to submit a loan request form to Payroll Services by June 22, 2012, and/or a vacation cash-out form to their HR coordinator. Forms for this purpose will be available online or in Payroll Services, Suite 620, at the Wilshire Center for those employees who do not have access to a computer. Disbursements will be made on July 18, 2012.

Payroll Deductions for Benefit Plans

In addition to these special programs for non-exempt staff who will be moving from monthly to bi-weekly pay schedules, we have also received approval from the Office of the President to make a change in the way some benefit plan deductions are handled for all bi-weekly paid employees, including those currently on the bi-weekly schedule. The full monthly cost for medical coverage, legal insurance and flexible spending account participation for dependent and health care are all taken from one bi-weekly paycheck, while most other benefit deductions are split evenly across the two bi-weekly paychecks. Starting with the paycheck received on July 18, 2012, the payroll deduction for the plans listed here will be handled in the same way as all other payroll deductions and be split evenly between the two paychecks received each month. More details will be provided soon through central Benefit Services Offices.

Employee Information Sessions Are Ongoing

There will be information sessions for employees regarding the new pay schedule, as well as the transition programs. Dates and locations of the sessions will be announced by department HR coordinators. In addition, frequently asked questions about the pay cycle and transition programs are available in Related Information.

For exclusively represented employees, Campus Human Resources' Labor Relations office has notified the respective unions of these changes, which are subject to requirements of the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA).


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