New Modifications to START Program

The UC Office of the President has approved modifications to the Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START) Program, effective November 1, 2009, as recommended by UCLA and other UC campuses in support of generating budgetary savings.

The following changes have been made to START:

  •  Extension of the end date of the program to December 31, 2010.
  • Opportunity to adjust the 5 percent minimum reduction in time to a lower percentage when necessary in limited circumstances to accommodate employees whose percentage reduction would otherwise be lower under the furlough/salary reduction plan.
  • Eligibility of probationary staff to participate in the START program, subject to continued management discretion in granting subsequent career status. (This provision is subject to reassessment in the future.) 

UCOP is coordinating union notice regarding application of these provisions for represented employees. At this time, the following unions have agreed to participate in the START Program:

  • UPTE for the Technical, Staff Research Support and Healthcare Professional units
  • AFSCME for the Service (SX) and Patient Care Technical (EX) units
  • AFT for the Professional Librarians (LX) unit
  • CNA for the Registered Nurses (NX) unit
  • CUE for Clerical and Allied Service (CX) units

UCOP will be revising the START documents (brochure, Q&A, contract and contract amendment) soon to reflect these modifications. Additional information will be available on the At Your Service website.

The University has provided a considerable amount of flexibility in the design of the START Program, providing departments a wide range of latitude to implement START effectively within the context of their missions, operational needs, service requirements and budgets. In approving START requests, it is important that you evaluate departmental priorities and adjust workloads to ensure that functional objectives continue to be met.

Questions applicable to staff should be directed to Manager Lazetta Smith at and regarding academic personnel to Manager Marsha Fractor at


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