New UC Living Well Program

Want to get healthier in 2014? The new UC Living Well Program can help you do just that. UC Living Well is a systemwide wellness initiative coordinated by the UC Office of the President. The goal of UC Living Well is to encourage all members of the UC community to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle and to access the wellness activities and programs offered by UC campuses and medical centers.

Optum for Optimum Health

UC Living Well has teamed up with Optum, a health and well-being company that designs and operates programs to help
individuals get—and stay—healthy. Serving nearly 60 million people, Optum is one of the nation’s largest health and well-being companies. Optum has a diverse team of health coaches, nutritionists, physical trainers, wellness consultants, online health experts and other professionals to provide UC employees with guidance and support that is tailored to individual situations.

Healthy Incentives

Making healthy choices is a personal decision that can have many positive impacts on your life. Whether you want to fit into your favorite pair of jeans again or just be more active and eat healthier, manage your stress or finally give up a bad habit, UC Living Well has a program that can help. Plus, participation not only benefits your total health and wellness, but it can earn you a $75 prepaid Visa Rewards Card. Spouses or domestic partners are welcome to participate in coaching programs online or on the phone, but aren’t eligible to receive the $75 gift card.

Everyone is Welcome to Participate 

As in past years, certain UC bargaining units have opted out of the wellness benefit. (Participating bargaining units are listed in Related Information.) In addition, Kaiser Permanente members can participate in the 2014 UC Living Well wellness activities towards the incentive.

To find out more about UC Living Well, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and 2014 Guide in Related Information. Participants who have questions about the UC Living Well Program can call Optum Wellness Customer Support at 855-688-9775.