New UCPath Implementation Date

Please note the message below from the Office of the President regarding a change in schedule for implementation of UCPath. For the Wave 1 locations, including UCLA, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, and OP, the new go-live date is July 2013.

As additional information on this important project becomes available, it will be communicated to staff members.


Re: UCPath Implementation Schedule Change

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for your continued support and participation in making UCPath successful. As many of you are aware, the integration effort associated with interfacing our numerous campus and medical center systems to the new PeopleSoft HR/payroll system is much more challenging than we had originally expected, with regular examples of practices in need of updating and modernizing. After thoughtful consideration, analysis, and discussion with the UCPath Executive Steering Team and Wave 1 campuses, we have decided to extend the UCPath project timeline.

With an extensive inventory and assessment of UC-wide interface requirements from October through January, which determined the required integration work to be 300+% more development effort than originally expected, we determined that trying to maintain our current timeline was risky and unrealistic.

While the overall schedule will slip by only three months, the key schedule change is to extend the Wave 1 campuses go-live date by six months, adding four months to the build/development schedule and two months to the test schedule. We are moving the Wave 1 campuses go-live date by six months, but we believe we can overlap more activities between waves so that the resultant overall project extension is limited to just three months, as much of the interface and data cleanup work can occur early and in parallel for Wave 2 and 3 locations.

The new timeline is still aggressive, however, in addition to accommodating the integration effort, the extra time will also allow us to be more thorough in the business process design/ standardization as well as shared service center build activities. (As before, the UCPath Center go-live date is aligned with the PeopleSoft system implementation date, thus the scheduled go-live of the UCPath Center for shared services will also be extended by six months.)

The new go-live dates for UCPath are:

  • Wave 1 – July 2013 (timeline extension of 6 months to allow for additional interface build and testing requirements) for UCLA, Merced, Santa Cruz and OP.
  • Wave 2 – April 2014 (timeline extension of 2 months to allow for additional interface build and testing requirements; also an additional 2 months of overlap between Wave 1 go-live and Wave 2 start) for specific campuses to be determined.
  • Wave 3 – October 2014 (an additional 3 months of overlap between Wave 2 go-live and Wave 3 start) for specific campuses to be determined.

The UCPath project team is currently working on updating the existing project plans, timelines and other documentation, and will communicate that information over the next few weeks. In addition, we will be evaluating the full impact on budget over the next few weeks and will share that information with campus and University leadership when it becomes clearer. If you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact either of us or Anthony Lo (, UCPath Project Director.

Again, thank you for your continuing support of UCPath.


Peter J. Taylor                                                       Nathan Brostrom
Executive Vice President                                    Executive Vice President
Cheif Financial Officer                                        Business Operations 

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