Past Events

AMG Book Club Meeting
April 20, 2015
"Extraordinary Outcomes: Shaping an Otherwise Unpredictable Future,"
by Iris Firstenberg and Moshe Rubinstein

We discussed the book "Extraordinary Outcomes," which was facilitated by the Author and UCLA Professor Iris Firstenberg. 

The conversation included the new discussion guide that Professor Firstenberg created as a result of feedback and questions she received regarding the concept of having regular conversations the staff.  A copy of the discussion guide was provided to those who registered for the event. 

The subsequent conversation touched upon many topics including the need to look at the goals and mission of the organization or department from the perspective of the end user rather than the provider; the need to identify the various stakeholders as a part of this process; and understanding the staff’s role and stake in this process. 

We discussed simple and daily reinforcements; the impacts of mental primes, the Superman pose and finally the issue of managing chaos upfront or confronting chaos at the end of an implementation process.  Even when you believe you know the answers how you manage the chaos can affect how the people perceive the change that is being implemented.

Those in attendance made it clear both during the session and after the event that these were great discussions on many levels and a worthwhile use of their time.

AMG Book Club Meeting
March 11, 2015
"I Never Had it Made," by Jackie Robinson

This AMG Book Club meeting on the UCLA Common book: I Never Had it Made by Jackie Robinson which was facilitated by Librarian, Lise Snyder. 

We had wonderful discussions on the choice of Jackie Robinson, the impact(s) he had on the Civil Rights movement and what recent events mean in terms of this ongoing Civil Rights struggle, progress and process.  This book provided a context for a discussion that was valuable to those in attendance whether it had been a book club event or simply a roundtable discussion on these same topics.

LinkedIn Speed Dating Workshop
February 5, 2015

On February 5th, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. in YRL Conference Room, Stefanie Pietkiewicz, presented an introduction of “the world’s largest professional website” LinkedIn, followed by a rotating roundtable presentation. BruinTech volunteers, Christopher Vo and Reign Johnson along with Stefanie Pietkiewicz discussed LinkedIn topics such as: Creating a Profile & Using Job Search, Building a Network and Branding Yourself. Photographs for LinkedIn profiles were also provided and taken by undergraduate students, Kelly Lew and Christine Nguyen. You can find KC Photography on Facebook! Copies of Stefanie Pietkiewicz PowerPoint presentation can be found here:

AMG Book Club Meeting
February 4, 2015
"Wooden: A Lifetime of Observation & Reflections," by John Wooden

Associate Athletic Director, Ashley Armstrong facilitated this AMG Book Club meeting.

Ashley had met with Mr. Wooden and his family planning events and has worked with various coaches and departments doing events based on John Wooden’s philosophies. With this background Ashley was able to share stories and insights as the group discussed the quotes, passages and messages that were important to them.

It was great opportunity to hear how Coach Wooden’s concepts are still being applied and having an impact on many people and in many events across the UCLA Campus