Review Your Open Enrollment Changes

Now that Open Enrollment is over, be sure to review your January 3, 2011, payroll earnings statement (or December 22, 2010, statement, if paid bi-weekly) to confirm the changes you made are correctly reflected. To view your statement, go to At Your Service Online in Related Information. Click on "Earnings Statement" under "Income and Taxes," locate applicable Paydate, and then "View Statement."   
As of January 5, 2011, you can use the Current Enrollments section on At Your Service Online to view any changes you made during Open Enrollment for 2011. Simply click on "Current Enrollments" under "Health & Welfare." Don't wait until you are in the doctor's office to find out you, or a family member, are in not enrolled in your preferred medical plan or that your Flexible Spending Account enrollment/change did not occur. If you do notice a discrepancy on your payroll earnings statement, immediately contact the Central Benefits Office at Campus extension 40830.

Primary Care Physicians and Medical Plan Identification Cards

If you are enrolled in the Health Net Standard Plan, Health Net Blue & Gold Plan, or the Anthem Blue Cross Plus Plan, be sure to check that the Primary Care Physician (PCP) information on your medical plan ID card is correct. If the information is not current, call the customer service number listed on your ID card right away.  


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