Revisions to PPSM 65 & PPSM 67

The Office of the President has issued revisions to Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 65—Termination of Career Employees—Management and Senior Professionals (Salary Grades I through VII) and PPSM 67—Termination of Career Employees—Management and Senior Professionals (Salary Grades VIII and IX).

The policies are applicable to career employees in the Management and Senior Professional (MSP) Program and have been revised to add the following requirements with regard to the payment of severance:

  • Payment of severance is conditioned upon the terminated employee entering into a written separation agreement approved by the University, which would provide consistency with the Regents' Policy on Settlement of Litigation, Claims and Separation Agreements.
  • If a terminated employee is reemployed at any University location in any capacity during the paid severance period, repayment of severance is required for the time period beginning with the date of hire in the new position to the end of the paid severance period.
  • A written repayment plan is to be agreed upon between the employee and the University before the employee begins work.

The revised policies are effective November 6, 2009, and are available in Related Information. For questions, please contact Director Lynne Thompson, Employee and Labor Relations, for the campus, or Director Maure Gardner for the Health System. 


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