Take a New Health Assessment

UC faculty, staff, retirees and their spouses or domestic partners who are enrolled in a non-Kaiser medical plan are eligible to complete the 2011 StayWell health assessment and participate in follow-up wellness coaching for which they qualify. This year, the incentive award program requires that eligible participants complete a two-step process—a health assessment and a StayWell follow-up program—in order to receive their award. 

More information is available on the StayWell website in Related Information. Children and other family members (other than spouse/domestic partner) are not eligible for the StayWell program in 2011.

Employees represented by some UC unions may not be eligible for StayWell because participation was not agreed to on behalf of their members during the collective-bargaining process.

Are you a represented employee? See if your union participates in StayWell by clicking on the "Bargaining Units" link in Related Information.

UC Kaiser Permanente members and their family members aged 18 and older may take a free health assessment through Kaiser's HealthWorks program.  

StayWell Updated Award Instructions

A tab for instructions on how to get a StayWell 2011 incentive award has been added to the StayWell participant’s landing page. The instructions are available to the member as soon as they sign in and click on this item.

Additionally, the award instructions have been expanded to include more details and screen shots to assist participants with completing their 2011 follow-up requirements. Members having difficulty using the StayWell website should call the StayWell help line at 1-800-721-2693.


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