UC Regents to Discuss Employee Furloughs

This is to update you about the planning process taking place regarding possible furloughs and/or salary reductions for UC employees. 

Thus far, no decision has been made regarding furloughs or pay cuts, but President Yudof believes it is important for the University to be in a position to act if additional reductions are necessary.

Currently, the University does not have clear procedures in place for implementing such actions, and the goal of this planning is to clarify the process by which decisions about furloughs or salary reductions would be reached should the State budget situation necessitate such measures.

As another step in this process, the President will be discussing with Regents at their meeting this week an amendment to the Regents' Standing Orders that would enable implementation of furloughs and/or salary reductions in the event the State budget challenges require additional savings.

Specifically, the amendment will give the President the authority to request the Regents to declare a financial emergency and, upon such declaration, to implement furloughs and/or salary reductions that the President deems necessary, for some or all categories of University employees. A detailed consultation and review process, as well as applicable collective bargaining obligations, must precede any decision to implement furloughs or salary reductions.

The Regents are expected to take action on the amendment at a future meeting following review, comment and consultation with the Academic Senate and non-Senate academic and staff representatives.

The proposed amendment and President Yudof's statement on employee furloughs are available in Related Information.