Getting Started as an EDB Preparer

I am an EDB Preparer. How do I get access to the Personnel Payroll System (PPS)?

The Chief Administrative/Financial Officer establishes the accountability structure for the department and decides who will be given access to PPS functions. The steps for obtaining access to the Personnel/Payroll system are as follows:

  1. Obtain approval from your supervisor and/or The Department's Chief Administrative/Financial Officer.
  2. Request a Logon ID from IT Services by completing a System Access Request (SAR).
  3. Update email address and employee ID number in ORION (Required for access to all PPS Update functions).
  4. Complete mandatory Personnel/Payroll training classes (Required for access to all PPS Update functions).*                   
  5. Request access from Departmental Security Administrator (DSA).
  6. Logon to the appropriate PPS function.

*Note: EDB and PTR classes are mandatory for EDB and PTR preparers and reviewers and must be completed before access to entry/update functions are granted by the department.

Which classes (offered through in-service training) do I need to take?

You and your supervisor should review the following EDB classes to help you decide. Please also take a look at the class outlines for each class.

EDB Entry/Update Reviewer Training Outline

  • Overview of the PPS (Refer to the PPS Overview Class Outline for more information)
  • Introduction to PPS Inquiry (Refer to PPS Inquiry Class Outline for more information)
  • EDB Systems Class #1
  • Staff Policy Class (For those preparers who prepare Staff Actions)
  • Apprentice Policy Class (For those preparers who prepare Apprentice Actions)
  • Academic Policy Class (For those preparers who prepare Academic Actions
  • EDB Systems Class #2
  • EDB Systems Class #3


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