January Bulletin

 Issue #1, January 2008


Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Bulletin, a monthly e-newsletter produced by Campus Human Resources, Policy and Personnel Services. Designed as a resource for UCLA employees who are responsible for processing Personnel Transactions, it includes information on policy, processing, guidelines, and other helpful tips related to EDB personnel online transactions and processes. We encourage you to read The Bulletin each month and add it to your "favorites" list so you can easily access current or archived issues to help answer questions that may come up during your work day.

 We’re Only a Phone Call Away

Call us if you need assistance with the following:

  • Policy interpretation and application
  • Policy and on-line EDB system transaction activity
  • Vacation accruals and associated codes
  • Service credit for seniority for layoff
  • Service credit for vacation leave accrual
  • Employee Development Fee Reimbursement Forms
  • Intercampus One Time Payment Forms
  • Multi-Location Appointment/Temporary Transfer Forms

We also provide program administration for:

  • Retirement and Service Gift Award Programs
  • Catastrophic Leave Program
  • Reduced Fee Enrollment Program
  • EDB and PTR Policy training

Did You Know?

The Catastrophic Leave Program permits salary and benefits continuation for non-represented and eligible represented UCLA staff who have exhausted all paid leave due to their own serious illness or injury, or due to the need to care for a seriously ill member of the employee’s family or household. Subject to the stated eligibility requirements, salary and benefits continuation is achieved through donation of vacation credits from other University employees or the central Catastrophic Leave Donation Bank.  

Question of the Month

Q: May an employee donate time (vacation hours) to the central donation bank? 

A: Yes. The central catastrophic leave pool is available on a campus-wide basis to all eligible staff. An employee may donate vacation hours to the bank to keep their vacation accruals below the maximum.


For more helpful resources, charts, tools, and information that will assist you in your day-to-day HR and personnel administration responsibilities, check out Personnel Transactions on the Campus Human Resources (CHR) portal. Want to know about the Holiday Pay TableCalendars & Schedules or How to Process Dual Employment? In a matter of a click, get the answers you need—when you need it—on the CHR portal. 


Your Opinion Matters!

Do you have a comment, suggestion or question for The Bulletin? Let's hear it. Simply send your ideas to perssvcs@chr.ucla.edu and we'll review them for possible publication in an upcoming issue.