Personnel Action Processing - Bundles

What is a bundle?

A group of screens linked together to allow the EDB preparer to perform a primary change and any related changes to an employee's record in one update.

  • Function codes are assigned to each bundle for EDB preparers to select by the type of personnel transaction being performed.
  • Bundles guide the EDB preparer through the screens containing data that may need to change as a result of the primary action.

Note: Before processing the following staff actions online, preparers should make sure all necessary documentation and pre-approvals have been obtained before data entry occurs. Use personnel action checklists tailored to the type of action processed.

For sample checklists click on the Preparation for Data Entry link.

Bundles for processing staff actions:

Function Code Bundle Name Brief Description 
ADDLAdditional Employment/ Increase or Decrease in Appointment Percent (5 screens)

This bundle is used to add an additional staff appointment or to increase or decrease the appointment percent. (Note: use this bundle also to add dual employment and stipends.) Refer to Staff Actions, D6.0 for more information

CASULimited/ Casual to Career or Career to Limited/Casual (5 screens)  

This bundle is used to process a change in an employee's status from career to limited or limited to career WITH NO BREAK IN SERVICE. Refer to Staff Actions, D5.0 for more information.

LOABLeave of Absence/ Change in Return Date (2 screens)

This bundle is used to process a leave of absence (with or without pay), correct a previously entered leave period, or a change in leave return date for staff employees. Refer to Staff Actions, D9.0 for more information.

SEPRSeparation (6 screens)

This bundle is used to process an employee separation from all University appointments. Refer to Staff Actions, D10.0 for more information.

SHIR Staff New Hire
 (13 screens)

This bundle must be used to process a hire for staff employees. Refer to Staff Actions, D2.0 for more information.

SMRT Staff Merit Increase
 (2 screens)

This bundle is used to process a merit for an eligible staff employee whose name did not appear on the merit roster. Refer to Staff Actions, D8.0 for more information.

SPRO Staff Promotion/
 (4 screens)

This bundle is used to process a promotion, lateral transfer, demotion, or reclassification for a staff employee. Refer to Staff Actions, D4.0 for more information. (Note: Promotion, Lateral Transfer and demotion occur when an employee changes from one position to another.  Reclassification occurs when an employee's current position changes to a different title or class.

SREH Staff Rehire
 (14 screens)

This bundle is used to rehire an individual in a Staff position who had previous employment with UCLA and has an active number on the EDB (Employee Data Base.)  Generally a break in service has occurred. Refer to Staff Actions, D3.0 for more information.

SRNW Staff Renewal of
 (5 screens)

This bundle is used to extend the end date of an existing appointment for a staff employee with a predetermined end date without a break in service, i.e., extending a stipend, extending limited appointments. See Staff Actions, D7.0 for more information.


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