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UCLA Employment Metrics

Since the launch of PeopleAdmin, adoption has been rapid—both internally and with applicants. The simple metrics below demonstrate an active and interested employment marketplace for UCLA:

  • Number of active jobs: 142 (as of 4/11/07) 
  • Number of applications submitted: 1978 (as of 4/11/07) 
  • Number of applicant profiles created: 1230+ (as of 4/11/07)

Please remember to regularly check your active requisitions for applications, as it is important to keep their status updated in the system. In today’s employment marketplace a speedy hiring process is important in being able to hire the best talent for the University. Active candidates with strong qualifications often get multiple offers of employment—acting quickly makes a difference!

period: 3/26/07-4/11/07

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New Features

Your feedback is important in making this system as efficient, effective and user-friendly. Based on user requests, the following changes have been made:

  • Posting Categories: Student Affairs and Child Care have been added to available posting categories.
  • Applicant Documents: Default selections for resume and cover letter have been changed to "Optional."
  • Guest Account Requests: Preparers may now create Guest Accounts when creating a requisition.
  • Shift Times: Shift times are now required fields when creating a requisition. Standard University shift times are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Contact your Employment Consultant if you have any questions or would like to submit feedback for consideration.

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Hiring Manager Training Now Available - Online!

In a combined effort, the Employment Services & Workforce Planning team collaborated with Training & Development to create a new online training module specifically for Hiring Managers, Hiring Manager Assistants/Designates, or others who are interested in learning how to manage applicant information using the PeopleAdmin Applicant Tracking System. This 10-minute tutorial guides viewers with audio and animated demonstration of functions to quickly familiarize users with the system. Best of all, it is available at your convenience anytime via the web!

Turn on your computer’s audio and click the link below—the tutorial will begin automatically:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some users have inquired about the different types of Views available within the PeopleAdmin system. When users log on to the system, their specified view is displayed at the top of the screen to the right of their name. Users may select from two types of system Views, User or Department.

User: If the user selects this view, they can see any action in the system that has their name associated with it. If their name has been specified within any of the drop down fields under the Requisition Information tab, the requisition would be included within this.

Department: When this view is chosen, the user will see any action within the departments listed in the user's account profile. Departmental access is determined by Department Security Administrators for Preparers and Submitters (via DACSS). For Hiring Managers (and their designates), their department assignment is determined by their hiring scope (as created by the Department Submitter).

Users are able to change their selected view with a few simple clicks! After logging on, look on the Main Menu (left side of screen), in the Admin section, click on "Change Default View." Users may choose to change the view for one session or all sessions going forward by clicking "Change for this Session" or "Change For Future Sessions," respectively.

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