UCLA Workforce Matters

Welcome to the Workforce Matters website. This website is designed to provide users with information on trends in the workforce today—and in years to come—and is also a forum to share tools and resources on various aspects of workforce planning.

The Future is Now.

The workforce landscape is rapidly changing and so are its human resources needs. Within the next decade, UCLA can expect to see an increase in its retirement-eligible staff; a more ethnically diverse workforce; increased competition for highly skilled employees; technology playing an even bigger role in improving efficiency and productivity; and widening gaps between current labor skills and the job knowledge needed to perform work in the future. To ensure UCLA has the right people with the right skills in the right jobs at the right time, we all need to contribute to making workforce planning a top priority.

Getting Started.

Whether you're a staff member or managing a department, you can get involved in workforce planning by checking out the resources in Related Information. In the "Employee's Toolkit," you can peek into the future by glancing at UCLA's Projected Functional Needs or zero in on your job strengths and skills by completing the Self-Assessment Tool. The "Manager's Toolkit" includes an up-to-date Workforce Analysis and information on Succession Planning that will help managers forecast their future needs.

Your Opinion Matters.

Workforce Matters can help you navigate the challenges of a changing workforce. We welcome your comments, suggestions and insights about this topic so that we can continue to provide you with the information you need.