April 2013 Training & Development Newsletter

Learning never exhausts the mind.   Leonardo da Vinci 


Introduction to Supervision  Through exercises and group discussion, learn the many facets of supervision.  Focus on important areas in developing supervisory effectiveness at the University, the role of a supervisor, five functions supervisors perform, assessment of current individual strengths.  This class will be held on April 17th.

Job Descriptions: Learn How to Make the Job Description Work for You  identify core functions of the job; describe the critical duties and responsibilities; determine the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for success in the position; develop a meaningful and well written job description.  This class will be held on April 16th.  Note: Restricted to employees designated as supervisors in EDB.  Others included by exception.  Does not cover job description practices and procedures that are applicable to the Medical Center and School of Medicine.

Effective Interviewing Skills  Learn the skills to see beneath the surface of a candidate by introducing and practicing behavioral interview techniques. Participants will learn how to: use a job description to create an applicant profile; develop behavioral based questions; use a tool to assess candidates after an interview.  This class will be held on April 30th.


Applied Positive Psychology: New Strategies for Success  Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal functioning. Research demonstrates that focusing on the positive results in important gains in all spheres of life - professional, educational and personal. This workshop focuses on how and why positive psychology works; it is designed for the individual contributor and learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the concept of positive psychology
  • Learning the benefits of positivity in the workplace
  • Harnessing positive emotions for success in all areas of life
  • Examining how hope and optimism are linked to desirable outcomes in the workplace
  • Selecting appropriate positive psychology strategies
  • Creating an action plan to role-model positivity

Class will be held on April 23rd.

Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence  Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence Research suggests that Emotional Intelligence is more significant than IQ in predicting success on the job.  This course will help you to better understand the role of emotions and how they impact qualities like self-control, motivation, persistence and the ability to work cooperatively with fellow employees.  A self-assessment will be given to measure tendencies and abilities within various areas of Emotional Intelligence.  Class is two sessions and will be held on April 25th & 26th.


Travel and Entertainment Policy Training  Designed for travelers and arrangers, covers the procedures, policies and requirements for domestic and international travel including: UCLA Travel Center services; charge card application and usage; expense report requirements.  Class will be held on April 24th.


Managing Your Social Media Presence  Social media has begun to influence nearly every facet of life. Discuss its impact and how to use it effectively. Learn the basics of functionality for the most popular social media platforms and develop a personal and professional user strategy. Topics will include privacy settings, best practices, and a discussion about current and future social media trends.  Class will be held on April 24th.

Enhance your computer skills learning different software programs.  Learn to utilize queries and spreadsheets.  Access and Excel are offered during the month of April.   

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