Career Navigation Series


No one has more power to advance your career than you. Take control of your future by completing this series of three courses designed to:

  • Build your confidence
  • Clarify your goals
  • Enhance your current role
  • Prepare you for the next step
  • Increase your impact at work
  • Set you up for long-term success

Take all three courses or read the course descriptions to select the course that is most relevant to your stage of career development.

Career Exploration Practices

Do you ask yourself: What type of work energizes me? How do I know which career option is the best fit for me? What is the best way to explore career interests without applying for a new job? How do I build lasting professional relationships?”

Do you need: Information and connections?

When we feel stuck and can’t make a decision, it is often because we need more information and first-hand experience; most of which can’t be found on the internet. This course will teach learners life-long practices for exploring career interests, building an authentic network, and making confident career decisions. Learn how these practices can also increase your current job satisfaction and help you stand out at work.

Career Advancement Strategies

Do you ask yourself: “I am ready to take the next step in my career, but how do I get there? How will I stand out against the competition? How do I market my skills and accomplishments?”

Do you need: Strategy and confidence?

Whatever you consider to be your ideal next step (taking on more responsibilities, receiving an internal or external promotion, changing career tracks, etc.) a positive reputation and notable achievements will help you get there. Take this course to learn best practices in personal branding, self-marketing, and job search.

Career Success Blueprints

Do you ask yourself: “How do I take charge of my career growth? How do I stand out at work? Who really gets promoted and why? How do I stay energized or reenergize myself throughout my career?”

Do you need: Goals and growth opportunities?

True career strategists know that in order to achieve future career goals they must first be an outstanding performer in their existing or newly acquired role. Whether you have been newly hired or are well established in your department, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success and create focused yet adaptable career development plans in this interactive course.

Course schedules are available at the UC Learning Center. For additional information, contact Campus Human Resources, Training and Development.


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