Performance Management: Tools & Resources

  • April 18, 2016

Annual performance reviews are a key component of employee development. The performance review is intended to be a fair and balanced assessment of an employee’s performance.

PPSM 23: Performance Management states that the Performance Appraisal is an opportunity for the supervisor and employee to:

  •  Review whether previously discussed performance expectations and goals have been met
  • Discuss professional development opportunities
  • Identify options for acquisition of additional skills and knowledge to foster career growth

Factors to Consider 

Written performance evaluations should be completed in accordance with PPSM 23. The performance appraisal is intended as a means of measuring and enhancing individual, team and institutional performance; fostering professional development and career growth; aiding in the determination of merit increases; and meeting the internal and external demands for documentation of individual performance.
Within-grade salary advancement is based primarily on merit. The amount of an increase should depend on the individual’s performance as it relates to current pay and the accomplishment of assigned responsibilities and performance expectations, position within the salary range, performance relative to other members of the review unit, and the established fund pool.
Staff members with a performance rating of “meets expectations” or above as determined in the most recent performance appraisal are eligible for merit increase consideration. Individual increases should be based on documented performance, the accomplishment of assigned responsibilities and overall contribution. An employee whose performance is unsatisfactory or “Does Not Meet Expectations” should not be recommended for an increase. Additionally, an employee whose performance rating is “Partially Meets Expectations” should receive a lower increase than stronger performers in the review unit.


The Performance Evaluation Guide is designed for managers, and they concisely explain the performance-management process.


    The following forms are designed to be used during the evaluation process. The fillable forms have been streamlined in an effort to simplify and clarify the process, while making it more efficient.


    • Performance Appraisal Workshop
      Learn techniques for objectively measuring and evaluating performance in the Performance Appraisal Workshop. Methods for giving feedback will be discussed, as well as appropriate skills for writing and conducting the formal appraisal. Enroll in the workshop through the UC Learning Center.
    • Lab Time
      In 2017, performance-management lab hours will be held in the Wilshire Center, 2nd floor, Training Room. During the lab, trainers will be present to address your performance-management questions and offer individual or small group coaching.

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