Professional Development Program (PDP)

This one-year leadership development program provides participants in PSS 2-6 classifications with opportunities to enhance professional and management skills, build professional networks, and learn about the structure and culture of the University. Program components include a 2½ day off-site Retreat, Monthly Seminars, Buddy Program, Brown Bag Sessions, Structured Mentorships, Team Projects, 360-Degree Assessment and Career Coaching. 

PDP was launched in 1994 to provide the University with highly trained and qualified staff prepared to move into leadership positions. The program provides participants with an opportunity to enhance management skills, build professional networks, and learn about the structure and culture of the university. By grooming future leaders, we help to ensure the continued excellence of UCLA.

This year long program includes valuable components:

  • Retreat – 2½ day off-site at the beginning of the program year to begin leadership training
  • Monthly Seminars – workshops on management competencies, leadership issues and UC/ UCLA organizational information
  • Buddy Program – pairings of current year participants with program alumni
  • Brown Bags – field trips to participants’ departments to learn about the impressive variety of organizations and employment roles on campus
  • Mentoring – pairing of current year participants with senior leaders
  • Team Projects – group projects sponsored by campus departments identified as important to university operations
  • 360 Degree Assessment – confidential feedback on management competencies from managers, peers, subordinates, self and other colleagues
  • Career Coaching – sessions with the program coordinator to strategize individual career plans

Basic requirements are:

  • Full time career employment at UCLA in the Professional Staff Program (PSS Grades 2-6)
  • Department endorsement for participation

Close association between participants, their supervisors and the program coordinator is maintained to ensure that individual career development plans and program activities remain consistent with the University's needs. Supervisors can expect that participants will need approximately 10-12 hours of release time each month. There is no cost to either the department or program member.

Recruitment for the Professional Development Program begins in the spring of each year. For additional information contact Training and Development.