Staff Enrichment Program (SEP)

Staff Enrichment Program (SEP)

February 4, 2014

Summary: This one-year program offers entry-level staff employees both vocational and professional development and a career path toward professional opportunities. Program components include monthly seminars, team projects, career counseling, department presentations and creation of a professional portfolio. A stipend is allocated to program members for educational opportunities.

Since 1979, SEP has served the University with these goals:

  • to offer staff employees vocational and professional development experiences and a career path toward professional opportunities
  • to provide the campus with a pool of skilled applicants to meet the challenges of UCLA's changing environment
  • to achieve a more diverse, professional workforce to meet the operational needs of the University
  • to encourage career development opportunities through workshops, partnership experiences and department projects

This year long program includes valuable components:

  • Monthly seminars on skill development, career enhancement, and resource information;
  • Individual career counseling to create professional development plans for success;
  • Team projects that provide opportunities for skill building and networking;
  • Networking with program alumni who have been successful in their professional endeavors at the University;
  • Departmental presentations to enhance skills and apply learning;
  • An educational stipend;
  • Creation of a professional portfolio.

Basic requirements are:

  • UCLA career employee for at least one year;
  • Payroll title of Administrative Specialist (and equivalent titles) or below;
  • A rating of satisfactory (or better) on the most current performance evaluation;
  • Departmental support for participation.

Close association between participants, their supervisors and the program coordinator is maintained to ensure that individual career development plans and program activities remain consistent with the University's needs. Supervisors can expect that participants will need approximately 10-12 hours of release time each month. There is no cost to either the department or program member.

Recruitment for the Staff Enrichment Program begins in the fall of each year. For additional information, contact Training and Development.

Campus Human Resources, Training and Development
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