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Keep Moving Ahead

Advance your career at UCLA and continue your education through a course of study at UCLA Extension. Add to your knowledge and skills and save money, too!

Convenient Courses Taught by Experts

Each quarter, UCLA Extension offers more than 1000 seminars, courses, workshops and programs taught by world-class instructors and conveniently scheduled in the evenings, on weekends and online. Choose from a wide selection of professional and creative courses, including more than 80 certificate programs in fields such as computer graphics, business and management, information sciences, foreign languages, writing, entertainment studies and more.

It’s Easy to Enroll

If fees are paid by department recharge, after selecting your course, simply complete the Reduced Fee Enrollment Application. Then, return it to the UCLA Extension office:

By Campus Mail: 
Extension Student Services 
Department “K” 
Mail Code 134907

By U.S. Mail: 
UCLA Extension 
P. O. Box 24901 
Department “K” 
Los Angeles, CA 90024-0901

In Person:
UCLA Extension
Administration Building
10995 Le Conte Avenue
Registration Office, Room 113

By Fax:
UCLA Extension
Student Services
(310) 206-3223


If fees are paid by the student, return your completed form to UCLA Extension Enrollment Services:

Email: enroll@unex.ucla.edu

FAX: 310-206-3458

Campus Mail: 133307


 Quarter Catalog Available
 Fall Quarter Mid-August
 Winter Quarter Mid-November
 Spring Quarter Mid-February
 Summer Quarter Mid-May

Please click on the Reduced Fee Enrollment Application link in Related Information to locate the application form.

Please click on the UCLA Extension Catalog link in Related Information to access the Extension Catalog.

Campus Human Resources, Training and Development
Phone: (310) 794-0850 | Fax: (310) 794-0855