Classification Specifications

Classification Specifications

January 27, 2014

Classification Specifications describe the general functions, duties and responsibilities of a given position. Below is an alphabetical list of most of the Classification Specifications available for use at our campus:


(Blank)  Assistant (PDF) 
(Blank)  Assistant-Hospital (PDF)
Accountant (PDF)  
Administrative Analyst (PDF)  
Administrative Specialist (PDF)
Agricultural Technician and Farm Laborer (PDF)
Animal Technician (PDF)
Architect (PDF)
Architectural Associate (PDF)
Artist (PDF)
Arts and Lectures Manager (PDF)
Assistant (PDF)  
Assistant to the (Dean), (Director), or (Chairman) (PDF)
Athletic Intern
Athletic Trainer (PDF)
Auditor (PDF)
Automation Engineer (PDF)
Automotive Equipment Operator (PDF)
Automotive Mechanic (PDF)
Automotive Technician
Baker (PDF)
Bibliographer (PDF)
Botanical Garden/Arboretum Manager (PDF)
Budget Analyst (PDF)
Building Automation Controls Technician (PDF)
Carpenter (PDF)
Cashier's Office Manager (PDF)
Child Care Center Coordinator (PDF)
Child Development Center Teacher
Clinical Laboratory Technologist (PDF)
Clinical Nurse (PDF)
Clinical Social Worker (PDF)
Coder (PDF)
Collections Representative
Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) Captionist (PDF)
Community Health Program Representative (PDF)
Computer Operations Supervisor (PDF)
Computer Operator (PDF)
Computing Resource Manager 
Counseling Center Manager (PDF)
Construction Inspector (PDF)
Cook (PDF)
Counseling Psychologist (PDF)
Counselor (PDF)
Custodian (PDF)
Custodian Supervisor and Assistant Custodian Supervisor (PDF)
Custodian Supervisor - Principal and Senior (PDF)  
Data Processing Production Coordinator (PDF)
Dental Assistant (PDF)
Dental Assistant, Registered - Extended Function (PDF)
Dental Hygienist (PDF)
Development Engineer (PDF)
Development Technician (PDF)
Diving Officer (PDF)
Driver (PDF)
Echocardiographic Technician (PDF)
Editor (PDF)
Educational Facility Planner (PDF)
Electroencephalographic Technologist (PDF)
Electrician (PDF)
Electronics Technician (PDF)
Elevator Mechanic (PDF)
Employment Representative (PDF)
Engineer (PDF)
Engineering Aid (PDF)
Environmental Health and Safety Technician (PDF)
Facilities Mechanic (PDF)
Facilities Worker (PDF)
Flooring Installer (PDF)
Food Service Manager (PDF)
Food Service Mechanic (PDF)
Food Service Supervisor (PDF)
Food Service Worker (PDF)
Groundskeeper and Grounds Equipment Operator (PDF)
Gift Shop Manager (PDF)
Hospital Assistant
Hospital Laboratory Technician
House Manager (PDF)
Illustrator (PDF)
Interpreter/Translator for the Deaf (PDF)
Irrigation Mechanic (PDF)
Key Entry Operator (PDF)
Laboratory Assistant (PDF)
Laboratory Mechanician (PDF)
Language Assistant (PDF)

Lead Service Engineer (PDF)
Learning Skills Counselor (PDF)
Library Assistant (PDF)
Lifeguard (PDF)
Linguistic Interpreter (PDF)
Locksmith (PDF)
Mail Processor (PDF)
Management Services Officer (PDF)
Mason (PDF)
Meeting Room Captain
Museum Attendant (PDF)
Museum Preparator (PDF)
Museum Scientist (PDF)
Nurse Practitioner (PDF)
Nursery Technician (PDF)
Operating Engineer (PDF)
Painter (PDF)
Paralegal Specialist
Parking Enforcement Specialist (PDF)
Parking Supervisor/Parking Assistant
Patient Escort (PDF)
Personnel Analyst (PDF)
Pharmacist (PDF)
Pharmacy Assistant
Photographer (PDF)
Photographic Technician (PDF)
Physical Therapist (PDF)
Placement Interviewer (PDF)
Plumber (PDF)
Police (PDF)
Producer-Director (PDF)
Program Promotion Manager (PDF)
Program Representative (PDF)
Programmer/Analyst (PDF)
Projectionist (PDF)
Prosthetist & Orthotist (PDF)
Psychometrist (PDF)
Public Administration Analyst (PDF)
Public Events Manager (PDF)
Public Information Representative (PDF)
Public Safety Dispatcher
Publications Coordinator (PDF)
Publications Manager (PDF)
Radiologic Technologist (PDF)
Reader for the Blind (PDF)
Recording Technician
Recreation Supervisor (PDF)
Recreational Program Instructor (PDF)
Reprographics Technician
Residence Halls Manager (PDF)
Resident Advisor (PDF)
Resident Assistant and Head Resident (PDF)
Residential Service Mechanic (PDF)
Scene Technician (PDF)
Security Guard and Proctor (PDF)
Service Engineer (PDF)
Sheetmetal Worker (PDF)
Signmaker (PDF)
Sound Technician (PDF)
Stage Helper (PDF)
Staff Research Associate (PDF)
Statistician (PDF)
Stores Worker and Storekeeper 
Student Affairs Officer (PDF)
Superintendent of Mechanical Shop (PDF)
Superintendent of Physical Plant (PDF)
Surgical Technician 
Survey Worker (PDF)
Television Engineer (PDF)
Television Technician (PDF)
Theatre Production Supervisor (PDF)
Translator-Non Technical (PDF)
Travel Reservationist  
Usher (PDF)
Vending Machine Technician (PDF)
Vocational Nurse (PDF)
Wardrobe Technician 
Writer (PDF)


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