Merit Increase Plan FAQs

There is still time to complete a performance review before the processing of a merit increase. This should be completed no later than September 26. If a performance evaluation has not been completed, any increase will assume that the employee’s performance meets expectations.

Web merit will be open September 12 through September 26 for departmental input.

Yes; as long as their employment contract includes the reference in Section D-1 to the Salary Policy – which enables the contract employee to be eligible for the merit program. (The same conditions and restrictions stated in the campus guidelines would apply, however.) For contract appointments that do not include the reference to Salary Policy, the contract may be re-opened by the department for implementation of a contract amendment to change the salary. 

Exception requests should be kept to a minimum. All requests for consideration of exceptions must be submitted in writing and signed by the cognizant Vice Chancellor, Dean or Vice Provost and submitted to the Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources for review and approval by the Chancellor or his designee.

No. Unless an exception is requested and approved at the campus level, equity increases may not be granted during this merit processing period which ends November 1, 2011. 

July 1, 2011. Monthly paid employees will see their new pay rates on their November 1, 2011, paycheck and bi-weekly employees will see their new pay rates on their October 26, 2011, paycheck.

Guidelines issued to the campuses by the Office of the President require that all campuses and medical center locations restrict additional increases at this time to eliminate the perception of “double dipping.” Those employees who have already been rewarded with an increase should not receive an additional increase at this time. The salaries of ineligible employees should not be included in the calculation of the 3% merit pool, which is intended to cover only “eligible filled positions in eligible job categories.”

Student employees (casual-restricted positions) are not eligible to participate in the merit program.   

Yes, a merit increase may be granted, if the employee’s performance is satisfactory and the employee did not receive an increase upon reclassification.

Yes, as long as the employee meets the criteria and has received a satisfactory performance evaluation.

Access to Web Merit is given by your department’s DACSS coordinator.

Go to the UCLA Web Applications page. The link is in Related Information. You will need to log in using your single-sign-on and password to access Web Merit.

Yes. Step-by-step instructions for the PPS Web Merit system are in Related Information.

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