2013 Staff Enrichment Program

Recruitment for the 2013 Staff Enrichment Program (SEP) has started. This highly successful career enhancement program has assisted the University in developing qualified UCLA staff members since 1979. The one-year program, beginning its next cycle in January 2013, is designed to foster career development and provide skill-building opportunities for staff in administrative support positions.

Key program goals include the following:

  • Offer professional development opportunities for staff;
  • Develop the internal talent pool of highly-skilled and qualified applicants for current and future job openings; and
  • Support the diversity efforts of the University.

The major developmental components of the program include individualized career assessment, skills training, and contribution to special projects. Participants are offered an opportunity to network and develop partnering relationships with program alumni who have been successful in their professional endeavors at the University. Educational stipends are also available for skills training.

Departmental support is required in order to provide release time for program participants averaging approximately 10-12 hours per month. During the year, close communication is maintained among participants, their supervisors, and program staff to ensure that developmental activities remain consistent with the needs of their departments.

The Staff Enrichment Program is available to all career employees who meet the following criteria:

  • UCLA career employee for at least one year;
  • Payroll title of Administrative Specialist (and equivalent titles) or below;
  • A rating of satisfactory (or better) on the most current performance evaluation;
  • Departmental support for participation.

The application for the 2013 program is due by Wednesday, October 3, 2012, and further information is available in Related Information. The application may be downloaded and mailed or e-mailed as an attachment.

For more information about the Staff Enrichment Program or the application process, contact the SEP Coordinator, Laurie Firestone Siedelman at (310) 794-0872 or lsiedelman@chr.ucla.edu.


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