Training Certificate Programs

Several Training Certificate Programs offered by campus training departments are coordinated through CHR’s central Learning & Organizational Development Program. Enrollment is offered through the UC Learning Center. Competency development is encouraged for those serving in roles that rely on skill and mastery in the following areas:

  • Academic Personnel Certificate Program (Academic Personnel)
  • Financial Management Certificate Program (Financial Management Programs)
  • Management Development Certificate (CHR Learning & Organizational Development)
  • Level One Supervisory Certificate Series (CHR Learning & Organizational Development)
  • Level Two Supervisory Certificate Series (CHR Learning & Organizational Development)

Please note: Please note the Level Two Supervisory Certificate program has been discontinued. As a courtesy to those in the process of obtaining the certificate, anyone who had completed all eight of the foundations classes by October 1, 2020, is eligible to receive the certificate regardless of whether elective courses were completed and may request their certificate by reaching out to the Learning & Organizational Development team at [email protected]. Any questions on the sunsetting of this certificate or the status of its various courses can be directed to David Fuller at [email protected].

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