The name of this organization shall be the UCLA Administrative Management Group (AMG). This is a recognized organization of the University of California at Los Angeles.


A. To promote professional development.

B. To effect improved communication among teaching, research, service and administrative managers and professionals of the Los Angeles Campus.

C. To provide a forum for discussion of common concerns.

D. To provide opportunities for professional staff to expand their skills and knowledge to help them become competitive for mid-level management and leadership positions.

E. To study administrative problems for the purpose of finding ways to improve and simplify operations at all levels.

F. To be available as an effective and informed resource to central administration and campus units.

G. To assist members to improve the operation of their departments and units.

H. To provide an arena for professional networking and build community.

I. To collaborate with other University groups (i.e., Staff Assembly) on all appropriate matters.


New Regular Membership. Membership shall consist of administrative managers and professionals who have responsibilities for the operation of a teaching, research or administrative function and are policy covered.

In order to support the succession planning efforts at UCLA, membership will also be extended to those who aspire to a position that meets the membership criteria and have the support of their immediate supervisor. Membership is generally targeted to those in positions equivalent to MSO I (PSS level 2) and above.


A. General meetings will normally be held once per quarter from October through June, and at other times when deemed necessary and appropriate by the Executive Board. General meetings are open to all AMG members.

B. Board meetings are held at least monthly (maybe more frequently in the beginning), and all members are invited and encouraged to attend. Board meetings conducted in Executive Session will be called as needed and are open only to Board members. Minutes from all open meetings will be posted on the AMG website.

C. Guidelines for selection to the annual University-wide ABOG meeting will be handled by the Executive Board. More specific criteria will be developed and added to the bylaws in the future.


A. The Administrative Management Group shall be governed by an Executive Board consisting of an elected Chairperson, Vice Chairperson (Chairperson-Elect), Treasurer, Historian, Communication Liaison, and five elected at-large representatives.

1. The Executive Board's duties shall include but not be limited to:

a. Responding, in an advisory capacity, to inquiries from central administration and other units.

b. Establishment of committees and designation of members.

c. Serving as a place for managers and professionals to identify and address important issues involving administrative processes, and initiate action toward resolution with central administration.

d. Reviewing new and/or revised policy drafts and making recommendations to central administration as requested.

e. Molding supportive relationships and open dialogue between members.

2. The Executive Board shall act as the official representative of the Administrative Management Group for purposes of communication with campus administrative officers, other Campus organizations and their officers, and the system-wide ABOG.

3. No individual may serve in the same elected Board position for more than two consecutive terms, unless membership votes upon a recommendation from the board.

4. All elected Board members will have an official vote on business matters.

B. Representatives

1. The term of office of elected Board representatives will be two years, with elections held annually to fill positions for those whose terms expire.

2. An elected Board Member unable to continue serving on the Board shall be replaced by the first runner-up in the election until the normal term has expired. If there was no runner-up, the Executive Board may appoint an alternate to serve out the term, if deemed appropriate.

C. Vice Chair

1. The Vice Chair will be elected annually for a two-year term, serving the first year as Vice Chair and the second year as Chair.

D. Chair

1. The Chair will assume office in January, serving for one year, following their prior year's service as Vice Chair.

2. The Chair will be invited to serve in a non-voting, ex-officio capacity on the Executive Board for one year following service as Chair.


A task force was appointed which has served as the interim board beginning October, 2005 through December 2006. Elections will be held in the Fall, 2006 to elect an entirely new board to take effect in January 2007. In the years following, elections will be held each Fall quarter to elect a Vice Chair and replace any Representatives who have served two years, with new officers taking office in January. A majority of those voting will be required for election. The full membership of the Administrative Management Group will be eligible to vote for all positions. In case of a tie, the incoming Chair may poll the Executive Board individually for input and then make the final decision.


A. Ad Hoc Committees

1. Ad Hoc Committees shall be formed at the discretion of the Executive Board to complete short-term projects. Chairs of these Committees will be expected to attend Executive Board meetings and report on the status of their activities. Chairs will serve as ex-officio members of the Board, and will be accorded a consultative vote.

B. Standing Committees

1. Newsletter - Serves as a vehicle to creatively increase visibility and facilitate networking of AMG among its members and the campus administration. Items such as updates on general meetings, committee progress, profiles of members, problem-solving and current events that affect our members are included. The Newsletter will be maintained on the AMG web page.

2. Membership/Historian - The Executive Board recruits new members. The Membership Chair sends out applications, on request, and presents completed applications to the Executive Board for approval of new members. The Chair also maintains the membership roster, the AMG listserv, the official letterhead and keeps permanent records and an account of the history of the organization. To maintain the records, the best interests of the group are served by continuity in this position. Accordingly, the Chair of this committee will be appointed by the Executive Board, as necessary.

3. Programs - Organize and present short programs for the general membership.

4. ABOG - The Chair and the Vice-Chair or their designee will represent UCLA to the University-wide ABOG Steering Committee.

5. Recorder/Secretary - Serves as Secretary to the Executive Board. Prepares minutes of all meetings; posts minutes on web after each meeting; assists Chair in drafting correspondence; updates and maintains AMG web page. This position will be recruited from the membership, appointed by the Executive Board, and will be of indefinite term.

Standing Committees shall be formed at the discretion of the Executive Board for specific on-going purposes. Chairs of these Committees will be expected to attend Executive Board meetings and report on the status of their activities. Chairs will serve as ex-officio members of the Board, and will be accorded a consultative vote.


A. The By-Laws of the Administrative Management Group are accessible on the AMG web page and may be added to, amended, or repealed only by a two-thirds majority of the members voting.

B. No proposal relating to introduction, amendment, or repeal of Group legislation may be presented for vote of the general membership unless:

1. Such a proposal shall have been reviewed previously and approved by the Executive Board or a designated Ad Hoc Committee whose authority shall be limited to matters of form and the coordination of related changes in the By-Laws of the Group; and

2. The membership of the Group has received written notice of the proposal fifteen (15) working days prior to the established date for the vote.