HR & Payroll Center Administration North

HR & Payroll Center Administration North provides services for the following departments within the Administration Organization:

  • Campus Human Resources
  • Campus Service Enterprises
  • Chancellor's Organization
  • Corporate Financial Services
  • Financial Management
  • Housing & Hospitality Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Office of the Administrative Vice Chancellor

The Center coordinates its activities with the functional units of Campus Human Resources for interpretation of personnel policies, labor-contract provisions and procedural requirements. To find out more about the services available to employees, simply click on the corresponding link below.



Employees should contact the Benefits representative at the Center for information regarding:

  • Health & Wellness Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Legal Plan
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Retirement

Managers and supervisors should direct employees with Benefit questions to the Center and follow up with a Benefits representative if needed. More information may be found at the UC At Your Service website.

Dual Employment

Dual employment occurs when a full-time employee is hired to perform additional work in a different position or department. The home department must agree to the terms of dual employment and approval must be obtained from Campus Human Resources. To hire an employee on a dual-status basis, contact the Center for assistance.

Salary Increases

Types of increases:

  • Base Salary Increases - applies to promotions, reclassifications and transfers (click here for transfer guidelines)
  • Equity Increases - applies to existing staff, increase in duties, staff retention, changing market conditions and departmental inequity

Salary offers and increases must adhere to the following campus guidelines:

  • Increases must be within existing salary range of the classification. Verify with the Title & Pay Plan.
  • All increases in a rolling 12-month period may not exceed 15%
  • All increases in a single fiscal year may not exceed 25%
  • Any retroactive increase requires approval from Campus Human Resources
  • Consult with the Center prior to making an offer involving salary increases

Administrative Stipends

Employees may be awarded a stipend for performing temporary assignments as required by departmental needs.

Stipend Guidelines:

  • Stipends may not exceed a period of 12 months
  • Stipend amounts may not exceed 15% of an employee's base salary
  • Stipends are paid at a set fixed bi-weekly or monthly flat rate
  • Stipend requests are submitted through your PeopleAdmin administrator
  • Requests for retroactivity require review and approval by Campus Human Resources


A promotion or demotion occurs when an existing employee is selected to fill an open Requisition at a higher or lower salary level. Refer to the Salary Increase or Transfer information for additional guidelines. For other types of employment changes, please consult the Center.


A reclassification is a permanent change to a position’s duties, complexity or nature. Such changes can occur gradually with the passage of time or quickly due to reorganization or change of duties. Departments are encouraged to review their job descriptions periodically to ensure their accuracy. A reclassification is driven by changes to a position, not any particular incumbent that may currently hold the position.

Reclassification requests are processed through PeopleAdmin in coordination with the Center. Approval from Campus Human Resources is required.

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Staff Appreciation & Recognition Awards

The Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Plan is a program for rewarding eligible policy-covered staff members for outstanding accomplishments in the workplace. Each year, UCLA guidelines are developed by Campus Human Resources for implementation of the plan in accordance with Staff Policy 34, "Incentive and Recognition Award Plans-Managers & Senior Professionals (MSP) and Professional & Support Staff (PSS).

All awards require specific documentation of performance and achievements that are the basis for the award. Only those employees who have achieved a performance rating of "meets expectations" or better are eligible to receive an award. Represented staff are eligible for awards under the STAR Plan only if the applicable collective-bargaining agreement authorizes their participation.

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Managers and supervisors should direct all inquiries to the Center ER/LR staff for assistance on the following:

  • Guidance to managers on progressive disciplinary process and grievance responses
  • Consultation and interpretation of policy and collective-bargaining agreements
  • Criminal-background check clearance
  • Response to subpoenas requests
  • Response to unemployment inquiries and information requests
  • Response to union inquiries and information requests
  • Layoff coordination
  • Representation at grievance and unemployment hearings

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Job Postings

Managers and supervisors should refer to their department PeopleAdmin administrator to post a position for recruitment. To request access to the PeopleAdmin system for job postings, contact the Center.

Staff Hiring

Managers and supervisors should refer to the following procedures to ensure a quick and seamless process when hiring staff employees.

  • Online Hiring Checklist
  • Hiring Checklist – Print version
  • Employment Contracts:
    • Departments can request an Employment Contract for a position that is required for a definite period of time for special projects or assignments, unique job functions or conditions. A contract establishes the terms and duration of employment. Contracts may be extended for up to four years if necessary.

      Employment contract requests are submitted through PeopleAdmin in coordination with the Center and require approval from Campus Human Resources prior to making an offer of employment.

      Departments should consult with the Center to verify appropriate contract terms, confirm benefit eligibility or initiate recruitment for contract appointments.

      More information may be found here: How to Submit a Employment Contract Request 

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Staff Termination

Managers and supervisors should refer to the Termination Checklist and the Termination Benefit Checklist when a staff employee ends his/her employment with a department.

Staff Transfer/Prior Service

When hiring staff employees who currently or previously worked on campus, another UC Campus or as a State of California employee, note that this could have an affect on service credit, vacation accruals, as well as salary and benefit eligibility. Refer to the Transfer/Prior Service Chart for eligibility criteria.

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Work Study Students

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is intended to stimulate and promote part-time student employment. The federal government allocates funds annually to the UCLA Financial Aid Office for this purpose. Through the Federal Work-Study Program, students engage in work for the University. The UCLA Financial Aid Office is responsible for determining students’ financial need and eligibility for Federal Work-Study funds. Eligible students receive a Work-Study Job Referral Form, which serves as confirmation of eligibility to departments wishing to hire a work-study student.

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